Actions undertaken

to address covid-19

  1. TH21 EMA began meeting with key partners including Alberta Health

  2. TH21 EMA briefed local Municipal Councils with guidance from Alberta Health

  3. TH21 EMA - Opened the Emergency Operations Centre to better address the impact of COVID-19 throughout Two Hills County 21, the Village of Myrnam. and the Town of Two Hills.

      1. Despite the challenges of social distancing, TH21 EMA meets on a daily basis via remote access technology to address impending and longer term requirements to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

      2. Introduced a new Facebook Page to help inform the public about important details regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Please watch for more details regarding the FACEBOOK PAGE as it will become one of the prime methods used to communicate with the public.

  4. Municipal Councils - passed various motions to protect local residents

      1. Closed municipal offices to the public to prevent potential spread of virus. Employees continue to address resident inquiries via email or telephone.

      2. Began modifying employee work schedules to ensure minimal impact of COVID-19 on employees delivering municipal services.

      3. Recommended cancelling public gatherings according to provincial guidance. This also includes closing Swimming Pools, Recreation Centres, Libraries and other places where people gather.

      4. Working with local Municipal Agencies like FCSS to meet the challenges faced by the public due to the severe economic and health impact resulting from COVID-19.

      5. Provided written communication to all residents regarding key changes to operations at the municipal level.

      6. Continue to meet via electronic means to ensure safety of residents.